The Georgia Chapter of DOCOMOMO_US (documentation & conservation of the modern movement) requests submissions for the Spring 2006 Newsletter:

  • Essays on topics related to modern architecture, landscapes, design, or preservation
  • Reports of Saved or Threatened properties/resources in Georgia
  • Contributions to the DOCOMOMO GA Register
  • Relevant Book Reviews
  • Member News
  • Modern Property Listings for Sale in Georgia
  • Related Conference, Exhibit, or Event Listings for late March ‘06- August ’06


DOCOMOMO’s interest in the modern movement extends from roughly the 1920s to the 1970s. But the term “modern” is simultaneously ascribed to a period of time, an approach to design, and a process of social change. It’s no wonder that architectural historians and scholars of material culture continue to debate the definition of “the modern”. But let’s ignore those eggheads for a moment.

As part of a continuing feature in the newsletter, we’re seeking personal reminisces and reflections from our members and readers. What was your first experience with modernism, modernity, modernization, or whatever you want to call it? Did your family visit the 1939 World’s Fair? Were you the first to have a television on your block? Did dad drive a 1955 Ford Meteor Victoria? Did your neighbor buy a Lustron home? Or did you inherit grandma’s Breuer chair? Let us know what the modern movement meant to you, in 300 words or less. If you have pictures, even better.

Submissions must be received before February 28th and should be transmitted to

Jon Buono

Georgia Chapter